Antoine Aubry

Reinventing the wheel since 1990

About Me

I am a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Although I am most skilled in .NET technologies, I try to avoid being get tied to a particular technology and like to experiment different things. I’ve been working mostly on Web development, both backend and frontend, but I am also skilled in desktop and embedded applications. I am the creator of the YamlDotNet library, and I’ve also developed GlutenFreeMap, an application to find gluten-free venues in Portugal.

I started programming in QuickBasic 4 on an old Ericsson Portable PC. I would spend countless hours writing games or graphic editors.

Me using the Ericsson Portable PC

Apart from coding, my other hobbies include Franco-Belgian comics, electronic projects and building random stuff. I built my own 3D printer, which I use in various projects.